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The Witnessing Church DVD contains:

Do you want to learn how to revitalize your experience with God, invigorate your church and win others to Christ? In this 4 DVD set. Derrick Hall the former Associate Pastor/Bible Worker of the East Palo Alto Adventist Church, is currently the Speaker of Begin Again Living Ministries and through The Witnessing Church offers ten practical on-the-job training workshops to learn simple skills to lead others to Christ, to revitalize your church, give interesting bible studies and more.

His illustrations give you how-to instructions with inspiring and some times humorous stories from his witnessing adventures. A bonus is that you will also experience a special presentations on health by his wife Devaney, and witness the lay people and Elder Hall giving a sit down Bible study from start to finish and more. This live weekend training conducted at Pastor Leamon's church in Clovis, CA are ones you will not want to miss, for we can all be soul winners for Christ wherever we are in what ever we do.


1. “Witnessing In Our Own Territory -  Derrick Hall

2. “Witnessing to Develop Wholesome -  Derrick Hall


3. "Witnessing By Your Testimony”  Derrick Hall

4. "What Would Jesus Do" – Derrick Hall

5. "Medical Missionary Work’" – Devaney Hall, RN


6. "How to Give Bible Studies" – Derrick Hall & Devaney Hall

7. "Secrets for Giving Powerful Bible Studies" –  Derrick Hall

8. "Witnessing to Gain Decisions"–  Derrick Hall


9. "Answers to Objections - Derrick Hall

10. "How to Bridge Bible Studies" –  Derrick Hall

Special Music - Rise Again - Derrick Hall & Company

Divine Service— A Passion For Jesus - Derrick Hall, recorded live at the Clovis Church.


11. Pastor Leamon interviews Derrick Hall at the Clovis Church about The Witnessing Church and how he and his church was bless by the training they received.


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