Ambassadors Mobilized Medical Missionaries

Why Ambassadors?

Imagine an approach to evangelism that is comprehensive and all-inclusive. Imagine an approach that focuses on meeting a person’s needs, struggles, and pains - transforming the way evangelism is conducted. Imagine an approach that unlocks the sharing potential of the gospel. Army of Youth Ministries presents Ambassadors: Mobilized Medical Missionaries, an exciting, practical training conference that will not only teach you how you can use health as an entering wedge for the gospel, but will also empower you to effectively share the gospel with others.

What Is Ambassadors?

Ambassadors: Mobilized Medical Missionaries is a two and a half week evangelism training conference that trains young adults (and young at heart) to be gospel medical missionaries. Participants receive hands-on experience and instruction in the classroom, the local church, and the community. This training conference is instructed by skilled and experienced teachers, pastors, Bible workers and physicians. You will learn how to reach many of souls through subjects such as the following: hydrotherapy, medicinal plants, personal evangelism, how to give Bible studies, grief and family counseling, how to effectively mobilize your local church, field practicums with local churches and communities, and much more!

Who Are The Teachers?

Army of Youth Ministries has invited some of the best in medical missionary work and evangelism to share during the course of Ambassadors. Our teachers for the program include: Dr. David DeRose, MD, MPH, Physician at the NEWSTART Medical Clinic; Dr. Leroy Moore, PhD, Weimar College Religion Department; Dr. Daniel Binus, MD, Beautiful Minds Medical; Derrick Hall, author of The Witnessing Church, and other guest speakers.

What Can You Do As A Result of This Program?

Upon completion of Ambassadors, participants will be equipped as a lay person to win souls using basic medical missionary and friendship evangelism tools in conjunction with their church, Bible worker, evangelist, health professional etc. They will have resources to empower others in their home church to do the same. This training conference is good gateway to further training such as literature ministry, Bible work, health and/or pastoral careers. This is also an excellent training conference for those who already have had some experience in soul winning. You will have excellent opportunities to grow in new areas and learn how to teach others the skills you know.

How Do I Reserve a Spot at Ambassadors

First, you will need to fill out our online application. After we receive your application and review it, we will contact you shortly after through email or by phone with instructions on how to proceed. This is just a simple screening process to ensure that participants will receive maximum benefit from the Ambassadors conference.

For more information visit Ambassadors at Army For Youth website.