Derrick has managed to package another book on techniques of sharing the gospel with others--but with a huge difference! He not only speaks from personal experience, he does it with verve and concreteness. My advice to the reader is to read this book as a New Car Manual--it has already been through inspection and can be counted on to be the solution to whatever situation that comes up! All in simple language.

 --Herbert E. Douglass, Th.D.


This book will encourage young and old in the faith because it is an outgrowth of the training Derrick Hall, Director of the Witnessing Church continues to provide. This training is evident at the Capitol City Church in California, and has continued to be a blessing to the members.

 -- Ivan L. Williams, D.Min.



Winning souls changes us. It energizes our spirituality, infuses our prayers with the Holy Spirit, and ordains our life with purpose. As author of the Winsome Witnessing series, I share Derrick s passion to see God s remnant people rise to their high calling. May The Witnessing Church help all of us meet the challenge of the hour and finish God s work in this world.

  --Gary Gibbs



This book is a much needed shot in the arm for the church. One of the greatest dilemmas the church has experienced is the challenge of motivating the member to action. This book is a step in that direction. We must again become The Witnessing Church.
--Ivor Myers



 Derrick is an engaging, dynamic speaker sharing insightful new information and presenting truths already known in an exciting new way...we here at Clovis Church recommend The Witnessing Church.

 -- Dale Leamon

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