THE HEALTH EMPHASIS WEEKEND PROGRAM IS ABOUT PEOPLE. For one full weekend, your church is transformed into a training school, just as we read in the health classic, Ministry of Healing:"Every church is to be a training school" where "Christ's method alone will bring true success in reaching the people." You will be following the Divine Design as spiritual, mental, physical and social well-being are themes presented with practical and attractive demonstrations, displays, sermon and song. Your church will become a center for health evangelism as members of all ages and professions unite together to prepare and present a weekend of inspiration... education... motivation.

Health Expo - Derrick and Devaney conducts workshops for churches and camp meetings giving hands-on training how to conduct a health expo and to cultivate a cycle of friendship building seminars. 

The Health Expo is a proven way to arrest the attention of the public, church, and media in an area of common interest — how to have better longevity in life. 

Here are some of the services available:
- A weekend workshop in your local church
- Help run your first expo for the public
- Work with your pastor in advance to have a health expo preceding an evangelistic series and/or to be the health seminar speaker.

Duration of Program: Weekend Intensives at your local Church

TWC Community Health Expo Training: For information about scheduling our TWC Community Health Expo Training and/or One Day Health Expo, please call us toll-free at 1-877-582-2253 or contact us. Scheduling is also available for conferences, retreats, and other special events.   

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