Follow-up Year Round Evangelism Reaping Plan - Derrick Hall will assist your local church in conducting an evangelistic series and he believes before arriving, train personal ministry leaders in conducting classes on how to give Bible studies, handling objections, handle media interest, effective follow-up and more... Or have Derrick come and do the follow-up after your evangelistic series. Derrick has partnered with The Witnessing Church & Amazing Facts to implement their Empowered Church program in your congregation that will assist your church in becoming a year round evangelism center.

By the approval of your church board we will implement the following:

1. Help churches establish an ongoing evangelism cycle

2. Activate every department of the church for evangelism

3. Get members involved in bible studies and door to door witnessing

4. Conduct revival meeting to encourage spiritual renewal in the church

5. Start up  in-home bible study small groups for evangelism

6. Encourage bridge events and community seminars for outreach

7. Conduct evangelistic meetings at your church or place of choosing

8. Effective follow-up, nurturing and discipleship of all believer

Year Round Evangelism Reaping Plan: For information or scheduling Derrick Hall, please call us toll-free at 1-877-582-2253 or email him at 

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